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What shows up in search results for your Brand? How about a search of domain names using the Brand?

Regain control of your brands online.

By providing knowledge, experience and a structured approach, we enable our clients to recover lost sales, regain consumer confidence and rebuild online brand equity.

Search Results

What shows up in search results for your Brand? How about a search of domain names using the Brand?


Billions of dollars of sales each year are diverted to cybersquatters using brand-related domain names.

Brand Protection

Protecting your Brand's reputation is the goal of Z5!

What We Do

Regain Brand Control

Our philosophy is based on the identification, evaluation and risk assessment of the five Internet website types, including customer-distributor, e-commerce, blogs, informational, and parked pages that affect our client’s brands. We believe that these five categories can account for all website threats and opportunities and that brand control strategies should be uniquely considered for each type.

Z5 provides the knowledge, experience, process and persistence to address each of these categories in a way that make sense for the client. Z5 works with clients to develop their in-house strategy, no matter how large or small. For those companies considering more expensive software solutions, we provide a simpler, more direct approach that brings focus to finding, prioritizing and fixing immediate problems. Z5 collaborates with the Legal, Marketing, and Information Technology departments to assess the problem and opportunity, develop an appropriate solution strategy, create an implementation plan, implement that plan, and continue to monitor results. When the program calls for the use of licensed software, we incorporate the software in a way that adds value within the overall online brand enforcement and control strategy.

Our Approach

Working alongside our clients, Z5 Brand Protection Consulting uses a structured, 5-step process to regain control of brands online. During Assessment, Z5 reviews the current trademark portfolio, marketing materials, and website content to evaluate the occurrence of brand confusion in the marketplace, the current domain names owned by the Company, the potential gaps in ownership, and the Brand Control threats and opportunities. Planning provides the roadmap and clearly delineates the vision, strategy, timeline and policies for implementation of a Brand Control Program. The Implementation is the execution of the brand control strategy, coordinating resources and implementing the Company vision. Monitoring includes the daily review of online content and domain names using the Brand. This step illustrates the Company’s level of brand control problem on a daily basis. The final step in the process is Enforcement. The final step extends the Brand Control program by taking enforcement action against those entities using the Brand in an unauthorized manner.

About Us

Z5 Consulting, LLC helps clients manage online brand control, including domain name recovery and website content monitoring. Working with in-house legal departments, the Z5 team of brand protection specialists understands the online branding issues facing companies today and works side-by-side with clients to create and implement lasting solutions.

Lindsey Corbin, a professional with experience in the trademark arena, founded the Company. During her tenure with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, she developed and implemented an online brand control program to identify and defend against trademark infringement on websites and in domain names. Lindsey is a member of the International Trademark Association, and is knowledgeable in all aspects of domain name registration and enforcement.

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